Our group of companies consist now of some associated enterprises which work in processing chain of AlGaAs epitaxial wafers as main product. All companies are the young, dynamically developing enterprises working in high- tech field.

«Меgа Epitech» is a leader of group. Its production area is situated in Kaluga sity. Its field of activity is development and manufacture of emitting and photosensitive epitaxial heterostructures as for domestic as for world market. The Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) in GaAs-AlGaAs system is used for production of  heterostructures. The main part of product exports. 

«Argal» is situated in Kaluga city and field of its activity is the development and manufacture of p-i-n GaAs structures for power electronics devices by means of LPE. This direction is new for our group. The enterprises of Russian electronic industry are the consumers of this product

«Меgа SM» is situated in Zelenograd city and make a speciality the production of semiconductor AIIIBV substrates. The main volume of materials is made for companies of group, but range of products and production sharing for outside consumers grow.

«МеgаCLASSIC» (Zelenograd) provides delivery and recycling of high pure metallic Ga as the one of main materials for epitaxial growth. 

The availability of up-to-date manufacturing base, qualified personnel, the experienced team of engineers and research staff, including a doctor and some Ph.Ds, permit to face the most complex engineering challenges and to meet various  customers’ demands.

Our company has the most progressive technologies in the field of liquid phase epitaxy  and high purity gallium recovery  as well as modern manufacturing and control measurement equipment complex, many unique components of which  have been developed by our experts.

We hope that our products will be attractive to you.

November of 2012
We start mass production of p-i-n GaAs structures for power electronics.

May of 2012
Development of heterostructures for 950 nm wavelength emitters under order of West European LED’s manufacturers has been fulfilled.

March of 2012
Development of laboratory growth method for GaAs p-i-n structures manufacturing has been fulfilled. GaAs structures for power electronics p-i-n diodes are delivered to customers

January of 2011
Development of GaAs structures for power electronics p-i-n diodes has been started

July of 2009
LPE growth furnaces of companies Group are consolidated on the production area of "MeGa Epitech" Co Ltd. in Kaluga city.

December of 2008
"MeGa Epitech" Co Ltd. has fulfilled the innovative project “The development of technology and launch of epitaxial heterostructures Ø50 mm for IR range emitters by LPE”. It is the start of the double-double heterostructures for IR range emitters volume production

August of 2008
We start the export shipments of heterostructures to West European LED’s manufacturers

October of 2007
The firm Group area of activity has been divided. “MeGa SM” Co Ltd. focuses its activity on manufacture of semiconductor materials substrates and pure metals and “MeGa Epitech” Co Ltd. focuses its activity on manufacture of GaAlAs heterostructures.

May of 2007
“MeGa Epitech” Co Ltd. has been created. This firm is focused on manufacture of GaAlAs heterostructures by LPE

November of 2001
Heterostructures with 870 nm wave length emission has been put into high volume production. Range of manufactured materials for IR light emitters will be expanding all the time from this moment

May of 2001
Manufacture of heterostructures with emission in the range of 650-660 nm has been started

March of 2000
“MeGa SM” Co Ltd. has been created